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Finnegan   (Not Meg)



So I'm a bit of a goofball.  Okay, okay.. I'm a BIG goofball!  I love a great belly laugh, I love my puppy (obvs), I love meeting people and hearing their stories - and along with all that, I adore photography.  To capture heart-filled moments, to find the dynamic as well as the subtle, to have a blast with my clients and freeze that spark of joy in my photography.  I love having the opportunity of perspective. 

              I always strive to give my clients something they can cherish,

              and I put my heart into every job that I do.  My passion for

               photography (and life!) will never stop growing. 





Meg is a professional portrait and event photographer - Toronto based, available worldwide.  She studied at Humber College for Creative Photography, and Ryerson University for Graphic Communications Management.  Along with photography and graphic design, she also has a background in commercial and fine art printing.

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