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Anthony & Stephanie



Much to their parents' chagrin, it surprisingly took this pair quite a while to get down the aisle!  Oh don't worry, there was never any question.. they were just engaged for 5 years (what!!).

This is, however, a great testament to how Stephanie and Anthony are together.  They take things slow, enjoying every moment, never letting stress for time get the best of them.  With a healthy long engagement as proof, these two were made for each other!


So everyone was teary-eyed for a large majority of the day.  These two were clearly so happy to be starting this new chapter of their lives together that the beaming smiles and happy tears could not be contained!

Besides a few slippery spots on the wooden bridges (which I discovered when I had a good fall on my butt.. at least it was me and not the bride!!), the beautiful day matched the wonderful emotion of their first look.


Full of squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks, and maybe a few photos, this engagement session was too sweet!  I love when couples are just a little shy, as it makes for some great giggles and quiet moments.  On top of that, these two WERKED.  It was a hot day but they gazed lovingly and quietly called praises to each other the whole time.  Stephanie and I have a plot to get Anthony's modelling career started - STAT.

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