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Danielle & Mike

"You make me so unbelievably, over-the-moon happy.  I love you more than I can say."


GOALS.  Right here.  These college sweethearts make it look easy.  I met this babe a few years ago when I was in search of a roommate.. and I had met Danielle to sign the lease a few weeks before that *wink.  Mike would visit Danielle as often as humanly possible and it was instantly clear to see how perfect they were together.  These two beauties filled my little apartment with love, laughs, and lots of hilarious board games (also wine. My girl and I love the wine.).

Yet again for me with my friends - always the bridesmaid, never the photographer.. I guess they just love me too much.  Plus, I take photos anyway!!


I picked up the phone.  Mike said, "Meg, I'm going to need your help with something.."


I invited her apple picking - her favourite.  I brought my camera - we knew she'd ask me to take their picture.  "I have a cute pose idea!" - she went for it.  The whole day was made to look like my idea, but it was Mike's all along.  It couldn't have worked out more perfectly!  Mike and I still high-five to this day.


To come!

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