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David & Alicia

Alicia cried, "I hate how much I love himmmmm!"


Another set of high school sweethearts, David and Alicia are the epitome of 'drunk in love' - they are head over heels for each other and they act like big weirdos.  (Love you, guyyyys!)


In all seriousness, these two are very dear friends of mine.  Alicia and I met in college, I met David shortly after, and I've been lucky enough to watch them grow together over the years.  Now they get to annoy each other for the rest of their lives.

I didn't get the wedding because I got stuck being a bridesmaid *wink, but I took snaps every other chance I got!


David proposed on the dock of his family cottage.  Together with friends, cousins, and some weird swirly candles, we had it all planned.  Some of the girls took Alicia out for a walk and we sprang into action!  The boys threw flower petals, I grabbed my camera, and David had a silent freakout.  After all that, Alicia was too distracted by the sunset and almost missed the setup (figures).  Then she almost missed the actual proposal because I was happy crying too loud (oops).  But it all worked out beautifully in the end!


We had to revisit the cottage dock for a dawn newlywed session - it was too romantic not to.  This one was a doozy. I shot a wedding the night before and didn't get to the cottage until 2am!  Yikes!  (Many thanks to all supporting parties who helped me in my journey).  It was all worth it, though.  We woke up to a stunning morning and these two got to dance around and cuddle up in the mist.  Then we all promptly went back to bed, of course!

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