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Nair & Julian

I asked Julian to tell Nair why he loves her, so he leaned towards her ear and whispered, "I'm boring and you're fun."


These two were 10 years in the making!  Julian & Nair were married in Punta Cana, where their friends and families from 3 different countries could come together for their big day.  And by come together, I mean drink and dance and laugh the week away!  Those folks know how to PARTY!


Their wedding day brought a muggy morning, then the slight sprinkles of beginning rain, but just before the outdoor ceremony, the sun beamed out and made us all significantly less worried.  The resulting day was all love and magic.. and of course dancing!

Nair's 6 year old sister commented, "My sister is the mermaid queen!" and I think Julian silently agreed while he teared up at their first look.


We shot their engagement at the Scarborough Bluffs, back when Lake Ontario went nuts and the beaches and Toronto Islands flooded (there may have been a slight mishap with the resulting beach mud at some point during our day, but we'll never tell).  Regardless, we had an excellent time and the results speak for themselves.  Plus, these two are so colourful that I absolutely HAD to use coloured smoke bombs for the first time!

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